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Reviews of awgar
I've been very fortunate to have a challenging and wide-ranging career in web development. Been working in the internet industry as a full time freelance professional since April 2011, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience during these past 5 years.
My expertise lies in:
C# / .Net / Angular / Angular 2 / Asp.Net / Ionic / Laravel / Silverlight / Linq / WPF / WCF / Gulp / Ionic / Grunt / Sql Server / Jquery / PHP / KnockoutJS / Coffeescript / Laravel
I'm aware of all latest project management systems plus work a lot using GIT / SVN
Quiet focused and committed to my work. You can read my previous client's feedback on my profile. I specialize in best practice front end development; this covers web design including content management system integration, website accessibility, and usability.
United Kingdom
JOINED: Feb 5, 2017


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